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Have you ever fallen head over heels and found yourself in a bit of a "uh-oh, I'm in trouble" situation? Well, that's the exact sentiment you might be experiencing right now as you lay your eyes on the IFE african print wrap dress.

This dress isn't just a fleeting infatuation; it's a timeless love affair that will stay with you for years. In fact, it's the kind of piece you'll want to pass down through the generations. So, don't let that feeling of "new love" keep you away from adding this gem to your collection. Trust us; we can't even tear our eyes away from its irresistible charm.

Product Detail

  • Wrap detail
  • Lined torso
  • 100% cotton, no stretch.
  • Handmade in Nigeria.
  • Dress length is 41 inches
  • Model is wearing size Large .